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Arianne Rosales

I have been a lender for over 26 years. I am a licensed under the California Department of Real Estate as a broker. I am the Past President of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers Greater Northstate Chapter.

I have previously been a Branch Manager for The Associates and American General Finance.

I have served as the owner of Access Mortgage for the past 17 years.

Specialties: Residential lending and sales professional. Negotiated several REO and short sales. Experience in managing several loan officers and realtors. Managed two fortune 400 finance companies, The Associates and American General Finance. I was awarded the President's Award twice while managing for The Associates. I have a degree in Business Administration from Chico State University with an emphasis in Finance along with a Minor in Economics.

Access Mortgage & Real Estate

I’ve had a great career in lending having worked for some of the largest banks in the country and a few smaller home town lenders. I’ve started at the bottom going door to door and dialing the phone in the evening to get help out new customers. I’ve worked with realtors, builders, attorneys, and CPA’s. I’ve hired and trained loan officers, and ran large geographical territories of lending professionals.

Through all of it, it’s been one core belief and back drop that helping just one family find the home of their dreams, the home they will raise their children in, the home they will grow old in, the home they may eventually welcome their grandchildren to.  This is what keeps me in lending. The hope that by finding you a home you can afford and be happy in, I’m providing that safe fixed place where your family can grow.

You see at the end of the day home lending is family. As a family man myself, with three daughters I understand this and truly enjoy helping others get the home they need for their family.

Mike Neves

California DRE #02033361

Notary Commission Number: 2190384

NMLS #489050

California DRE #01824371